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Please return this egg carton after use to your local farm. 

Here in Poconos, PA, we are used to small farms with fresh egg stands right out front. Poconos Kanga Roof is grateful for the fresh eggs and produce our local farmers provide. 

We know how it works. After putting money in the honor box, we grab a carton of eggs out of the cooler. Later, we know to return the cartons if we can. Unfortunately, many people don’t do that.

That means these small local farmers must constantly buy new cartons. After doing research, we found that this is a considerable expense, and those egg cartons often end up in Poconos, PA, landfills, too.

As community members—and folks who understand what it’s like to run a small business—we want to help. That is why Poconos Kanga Roof purchased and donated these egg cartons to local farmers.

As a token of our appreciation, please call us for a free 21 Point Roofing Inspection!

Supporting Reuse and Recycling

We believe that Poconos, is one of the most beautiful places in the Northeast, and we want to keep it that way. One of the primary reasons we’re starting this initiative is to draw attention to the importance of reusing and recycling. We hope you will return each of our egg cartons to a local farmer and help keep them out of the trash.

Giving Back to the Community

This egg carton initiative is just one of the ways we serve the community. In the past, we have given free roofs to veterans and struggling families and rebuilt a home for a wounded warrior. We perform these acts of community service out of gratitude for the opportunities we’ve been given to serve the people of Poconos.

Please take advantage of the discounts, coupons, and special offers on this page. This is our way of thanking you for taking part in our program.

Supporting Small Business and Local Farms 

Small businesses are the backbone of our community—and we are dedicated to providing all the support we can to these Poconos businesses and local farms. These companies strengthen the local economy and provide services that truly make our community unique.

When you buy eggs from a local farmer, you:

  • Help to keep money in the community
  • Enjoy locally raised food 
  • Make the environmentally-friendly choice
  • Support local agriculture

Now, let us reward you for your support by offering special deals and discounts on our roofing services!

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We hope you’ll buy more eggs and other products from farmers in Poconos, and get some great savings on our services (in addition to our already competitive pricing and top-quality workmanship).

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