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Some say that the eyes are windows to the soul, but if that is the case, then windows must be the eyes of your home. Windows, like eyes, allow visibility while the sun is still high above the horizon. They also provide an almost secret glimpse into the heart of your home (unless the curtains are drawn, of course). Since windows are so important to the functionality of your home, you should take extra precautions in maintaining them.

Your house’s windows not only allow all of those inside to peer outdoors from a safe distance, but they are delicate and essential facets that provide ventilation, light, and even more control over internal temperatures. If your Bristol, Newtown, or Doylestown home has been draftier than usual due to cracked or broken windows, or if your windows just aren’t big enough to provide sufficient daylight, you can turn to Kanga Roof for quick and thorough residential window replacement.

"Start to finish, a Great experience with the Kanga team. Consulted with Steve to set up the job. He was very knowledgeable and friendly, answering every question and concern I had about the project. I can't say enough about Monty and Nick's professionalism, knowledge, and friendliness. Fantastic workmanship, and great attention to detail. They explained every detail of the project from start to finish answering any questions I had. Monty did a great job repairing the damage around the windows. Exceptional clean up once the job had been completed. The windows look GREAT! Thank you Kanga team"

Why You Need Residential Window Replacement in Bucks County:

Living in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, we experience all of the benefits and downfalls of each season as it cycles through the year. Your home’s siding, roofing, and windows will all inevitably suffer from the continuous barrage of elemental infliction:

During the summertime, there are waves of extreme heat that bake your home. Direct sunlight can weaken the seals keeping your windows in place, corroding caulk and grout easily over just a few years. Sunlight and the predation of insects during this season can also prove damaging to the wood surrounding your window. If your home in Bristol, Yardley, Levittown or anywhere else in Bucks County is having an issue with bugs getting in the windows this summer, don’t wait for mosquitoes and bugs to eat you alive: call Kanga Roof today for a free estimate on your residential window replacement!

When Fall comes around, the temperatures drastically fall. No matter if your home is in Newtown, Holland or Bensalem, the foundation shifts and settles, so does your windows. Older windows that do not accommodate the natural shrinking and expansion of your house as the temperatures change can get stuck easily. If your windows keep jamming each time Thanksgiving comes around, be sure to have one of our experts from Kanga Roof come by to inspect your windows. While we are there, we can also give your roof and siding an evaluation.

In contrast to summer, the long and harsh winters of the area and towns like Doylestown, Feasterville and New Hope and its surrounding areas are just as detrimental to the upkeep of your windows. Temperatures don’t just drop below freezing here; they can go several degrees below 0° Fahrenheit, which can easily split hairline cracks and quickly spiderweb into a dangerous, accidental colorless-mosaic. Before this happens and children or pets are put in harm’s way, our technicians can install brand new windows for you.

We like to think of spring as the mildest of all the seasons, but in reality, spring is always very unpredictable. The heavy rainfalls cause water damage and your windows can sprout a leak quite quickly. Sometimes, hail storms blow through, causing ice and fallen tree limbs to hit your windows. If you have a broken window from a breezy spring storm, you can count on Kanga Roof for all of your residential window replacement requirements.

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Now Providing Simonton Windows

We’ve always provided our customers with quality replacement services, like our roofing, window, and residential siding replacement. Now, we’ve partnered with a trustworthy provider that has outstanding products for us to utilize in our residential window replacement services. Kanga Roof now has Simonton® Windows available to our Pennsylvania customers.

Simonton® Windows has developed innovative, energy-efficient solutions for common window problems that Kanga Roof is happy to provide for our customers. Their Reflections® 5500 premium vinyl replacement windows and doors come in a wide variety of options that are perfect for each homeowner’s tastes.

All of the Reflections® 5500 windows are custom built specifically for your home, delivered quickly, and backed by an incredible Double-Lifetime Limited Warranty! With industry-leading energy efficiency and weather resistance, Simonton® Windows provides unsurpassed reliability for many years following your investment.

Simonton Windows & Doors (part of the Ply Gem family of brands and a provider of premium windows and patio doors to consumers nationwide) has twelve different window and patio door lines with varying features. All of the window selections made possible to you through Kanga Roof can be ordered to meet ENERGY STAR® guidelines.

If you would like to install new windows, contact us today to book a consultation!

You can click here to fill out our financing application and find out if you qualify today.

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