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Owning a home in Beach Haven gives you access to beautiful ocean views at any time of the year. Whether you have made your oceanfront property your home full-time, or you have a vacation home that you only use seasonally, you will still need quality roofers to take care of your roof, provide regular roofing maintenance, and be available for emergency roofing repairs. At A. Brooks Construction, Inc. Kanga Roof, we serve the community of Beach Haven. We are experienced in providing quality services for unique situations. We serve business owners, vacation rental property owners, families, and much more in the area.

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Residential Roofing in Beach Haven

Maintaining, replacing, and repairing roofs in Beach Haven is something we take pride in. We are proud of the reputation that we have for always centering our services around the needs of our customers. We are here with roofing repairs for when storms cause leaks and roof damage. We are also here when you need to replace your old asphalt roof with something more durable. And we’re here to maintain your roof so that repairs and replacements are a rarity. Our residential roofing services are available day and night in Beach Haven.

Roof Replacement and Installation in Beach Haven

Our roofers know that every roofing installation and reroofing needs to be done perfectly to keep out the moisture from summer rainstorms and to help the roof withstand the humid and salty climate. When we replace a roof, we take the time to plan the right materials and processes before we start our work. With every metal or shingle roof replacement, we provide transparent estimates so that you never have surprise fees. Communicating with you and making sure you know what to expect from our roof replacement services is an important part of the process.

Guaranteed Roof Repairs in Beach Haven

When a roof leak doesn’t get fixed properly, it can cause damage to your roof deck and your home. With our roof leak detection, we make sure to get to the source of the leak so that you don’t continue having problems in the same area. Diagnostics are $89 and include a 21-point roof check to find out exactly what is wrong. Our roof repairs also feature a guaranteed repair and a guaranteed price.

Roof Maintenance in Beach Haven

If you’re tired of being surprised by emergency roof leaks, it may be time to put regular roofing maintenance on your schedule. Roofing cleaning and inspection services can serve you by reducing the chance of unexpected problems. Any issues can be promptly addressed with a roof damage repair instead of letting the problems get worse. A maintenance plan through A. Brooks Construction, Inc. Kanga Roof can ensure that you don’t miss any of your roof inspections. You can ask us about our Overhead Care Club.

Roof Coating in Beach Haven

If you have a home that always feels too hot in the summer and too cold in winter, you may be able to benefit from a roof coating. Roof coatings can help to provide more insulation for your roof, reducing heat loss. It can also reflect the sun’s rays during the summer, saving you energy and wear and tear on your HVAC system. Our roof coatings can also help you lengthen the lifespan of your roof and minimize repairs.

Exterior Home Services in Beach Haven

The constant moisture and salinity in the air can have a negative impact on other parts of your home besides just your roof. The same quality services that are available with our roofing installations and repairs are available through our other home exterior services. We are a roofing contractor that can take care of your gutters, siding, windows, doors, and more.

Garage Door Installation in Beach Haven

At our roofing company, we want to give you many different options when it comes to your home’s exterior. If you need a garage door installation, you’ll have the benefit of being able to choose from our wide selection of garage doors. We have everything from basic and traditional options to more decorative and custom options.

Window and Door Installation in Beach Haven

Whether you use your home for the whole year or just part of the year, having safe and reliable doors and windows is crucial. If your windows and doors are not secure or they let in a lot of cold air during the winter, our residential window installation services may be what you need. We have many different energy-efficient styles that can keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

Siding Installation in Beach Haven

One of the first things many people notice about a home is the siding. If you want to give a good impression while also ensuring that your home stays dry during Beach Haven’s storms, you can contact us for siding installation services. 

Skylight Installation in Beach Haven

If you’re thinking about having skylights installed in your home, consider hiring our roofers at A. Brooks Construction, Inc. Kanga Roof for the job. We know how to install skylights so that they’re efficient in Beach Haven’s climate, and so that your home is safe from leaks even during heavy rainstorms. With our residential roofing services, we install your skylights with care.

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Skylight Cleaning

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Large Debris Removal

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Our Overhead Care Club also comes with an exclusive members-only 10% repair discount. You’ll also receive an exclusive $19.95 reduced service fee, and 60% savings on diagnostics. That’s a $89.99 value for only $19.95!

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