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While there are many different materials that you can choose for your roof replacement, a metal roof can be the perfect choice for many homes and businesses in Bucks County, PA, the Poconos, and Jersey Shore. If you’re considering replacing your roof with a metal roof, you can talk to our roofers at Kanga Roof. Whether you want to take care of your current metal roof or have a new metal roof installed, we look forward to serving you.

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Metal Roofing Services in Bucks County, the Poconos, and Jersey Shore

At Kanga Roof, we know that quality commercial and residential roofing is essential for keeping our communities safe from the weather. While there are many choices when it comes to reroofing, we believe that a poor-quality roof should never be an option. When we install or repair a metal roof, we make sure to use the best materials. And while our roofers are known for staying on schedule, we focus on the quality of our services so that you don’t have to schedule repeat appointments.

Why Metal Roofing?

Homes and commercial properties in Bucks County, the Poconos, and Jersey Shore can benefit from different types of roofing materials. Some properties are served well by a quality asphalt roof while others may need flat roofing materials. However, metal may be the perfect choice for some because of the unique benefits that come with this durable material. Here are some of our favorite benefits. 

Metal Roofs Are Long-Lasting

The longevity of metal roofs is why many people choose metal roofing when replacing their roofs. When kept in good condition, metal roofs can last twice as long as asphalt roofs. Depending on the metal material that you use, your roof could last anywhere from 40-70 years.

Metal Roofs Are Efficient

In a climate where everything from hot sun to snow storms is possible, it’s important to have a roof that can improve the efficiency of your home. Instead of soaking in the heat and UV rays during the summer, metal roofs reflect it, leading to lower cooling costs. Metal roofs also help to reduce heat loss during the winter. 

Metal Roofs Are Durable

Are you looking for something that can withstand wind and hail while also keeping the rain out? When installed by reliable roofers, metal roofs can stand up to strong wind gusts and can also perform well in a hail storm. While hail can dent metal roofs, it doesn’t often cause anything more than cosmetic damage. 

Metal Roofing Repairs

When your metal roof does sustain damage, you can call us 24/7 to have it fixed. Whether you have debris on your roof from a storm, missing shingles and screws, or damaged flashing, the roof can often be fixed without resorting to a roof replacement. Call us if your roof is rusted, leaking, or has other roof damage. Our prices are always upfront and we guarantee the amount that you are quoted if no more work is needed.

Metal Roofing Replacement

If you are replacing an asphalt roof with a new metal roof, you will want to protect your investment by doing your research on roofing companies. It’s important to avoid roofing contractors that take shortcuts on the installation since this can lead to expensive repairs in the future.

At Kanga Roof, we are proud of the many positive reviews our customers have given us over the years. We have been offering roofing services in the area since 1987 and we are dedicated to building the highest quality roofs. Regardless of whether you want an asphalt or metal roof, you can count on a roof that is safe, efficient, and strong.

Overhead Care Club

Both storms and sunshine can cause damage to your roof over time. You can ensure that your roof is always properly maintained by becoming a member of our Overhead Care Club. Being a member means that your roof will get the yearly service that it needs. Membership includes large debris removal when you need it, a yearly 21-point roof check-up and attic analysis, skylight cleaning, and a yearly garage door inspection.

Members also get the benefit of priority services, 10% discounts on repairs, and a reduced diagnostic fee.

Quality Residential Roofing Services

A metal roof can provide you with a long-lasting option that is efficient and also looks beautiful. Make sure your installation or repair is done right the first time by trusting your service to Kanga Roof.

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Overhead Care Club & Introducing the NEW Heroes Program

When you enroll in our Overhead Care Club, you’ll receive Kanga Roof’s most reliable roofing services, including:

The Roof Care Advantage

A 21-Point Roof Check-up and Attic Analysis ($379 Value)

Garage Door Inspections

($179 value)

Skylight Cleaning

($99 value)

Large Debris Removal

($79 value)

Our Overhead Care Club also comes with an exclusive members-only 10% repair discount. You’ll also receive an exclusive $19.95 reduced service fee, and 60% savings on diagnostics. That’s a $89.99 value for only $19.95!

With your exclusive club membership you’ll hop to the front of the line. Priority guaranteed appointments within 24 hours

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