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They don’t call Jim Thorpe the “Switzerland of America” for nothing. Everywhere you turn there is beautiful architecture and picturesque landscape. Owning a home here makes you part of a vibrant community. Most homes in Jim Thorpe are pretty enough to be on a postcard, but if you want yours to stay that way, you’ll need good roofers to take care of you.

Snow and rain can be a big problem in the area for the health of your roof. Leaks are common problems and snow and ice can deteriorate your shingles over time. At A. Brooks Construction Kanga Roof, we’re local so we know a lot about the climate. Our roofing services in Jim Thorpe are here for when you have roof damage or need a replacement.

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Trusted Roofing Services in Jim Thorpe

Sometimes all your roof needs is a quick repair to get it looking and working its best. But the challenge with residential roofing is knowing when to replace the whole roof. At A. Brooks Construction Kanga Roof, not only do we offer everything from roof repair and maintenance to installation services, but we also help you choose the right service for your situation. We’re here to help you find economical solutions that will make your home more comfortable and efficient.

Roofing Installation in Jim Thorpe

As your roof ages, you might start to see more signs of deterioration. You may find granules from your shingles on the ground. Your shingles might start to bend, curl, or go missing. You might see damage to other parts of your roof like the flashing or the gutters. When any of this happens, call us to talk about roofing installation. We can give your roof a complete assessment and let you know what we think your next steps should be.

Roofing Repairs in Jim Thorpe

If your roof doesn’t need to be replaced yet, many of the problems you have can be fixed with our roofing repairs. We can replace damaged flashing, fix leaks, and replace missing shingles. We offer a diagnostic residential roof repair for just $89.99. We’ll come out and let you know exactly what your roof needs to stay in good condition.

Roofing Maintenance in Jim Thorpe

Throughout the year in Jim Thorpe, your roof will never get a break. The rain and snow may keep the plants growing, but they also can have a big impact on your roof. Even sunny days expose your roof to UV light that can damage it over time. That’s why we recommend our roofing maintenance services. With proper maintenance, you can avoid damage from retained moisture, avoid major repairs, and put off roof replacement for a lot longer.

Residential Window Installation

We love installing energy-efficient windows. There are Energy Start rated windows for many different budgets and they can help to keep the warm air in your house when the cold weather arrives. Let us know if you have old windows that you would like to replace with our residential window installation services in Jim Thorpe.

Garage Door Installation

If you’re looking for ways to make your home even more beautiful while also raising its value, consider a garage door installation! We can put in a new garage door for you and we even design custom doors to perfectly match your house. So whether you want new carriage house garage doors to go with your picturesque home or something more traditional, you can get what you’re looking for with our garage door services in Jim Thorpe.

Commercial Roofing Services in Jim Thorpe

We don’t just take care of residential properties. We also have commercial roofers who specialize in repairing and installing commercial roofs. We have offered these services since 1987 and we install and repair countless roofs for businesses every year. Whether you need a roof coating, a new flat roof, or roof repairs, turn to our commercial roofers for help.

More Home Services at A. Brooks Construction Kanga Roof

We don’t just stop at your roof! There are many other home services our roofers offer, too including:

  • Garage door opener repair and installation
  • Window and door repair and installation
  • Garage door repair
  • Residential Siding Services
  • Residential Skylight Services
  • And more.

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At A. Brooks Construction Kanga Roof, we are here for all of your commercial and residential roofing needs. From repairs to installations, you’re always in good hands.

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When you enroll in our Overhead Care Club, you’ll receive Kanga Roof’s most reliable roofing services, including:

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Skylight Cleaning

($99 value)

Large Debris Removal

($79 value)

Our Overhead Care Club also comes with an exclusive members-only 10% repair discount. You’ll also receive an exclusive $19.95 reduced service fee, and 60% savings on diagnostics. That’s a $89.99 value for only $19.95!

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