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With many homes nestled along the river and just a short drive away from the beach, Point Pleasant is as pleasant as its name. It can be a good place to retreat during the summer and enjoy some peace next to the river. Its friendly community and proximity to many family-friendly amenities also make it a good place to raise a family. We love the borough of Point Pleasant and we are excited to be able to serve its beautiful neighborhoods with our roofing and home exterior services. At A. Brooks Construction, Inc. Kanga Roof, we are a roofing company with a heart for helping other families and individuals in the area.

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Residential Roofing in Point Pleasant

We have been repairing roofs and offering other residential roofing services since 1987. Since then, we have continued to grow and expand our business. We are constantly adapting our business to the needs of our communities and we specialize in offering services that take location into consideration. While we serve many areas in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, we know that no two cities or homes are alike. If you live in Point Pleasant, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that our roofers understand the climate that your home or business needs to thrive in.

Roof Replacement and Installation in Point Pleasant

Replacing a roof is a big project that takes a lot of careful thought to do right. As a roofing contractor that cares about our customers, we work hard to provide roof replacements that will continue to give families, couples, and business owners in the area peace of mind for years. When you call us for a reroofing, we start the process right away of determining what type of roof replacement services will best serve you. We offer many different reroofing options including shingle roof replacement and metal roofs.

Guaranteed Roof Repairs in Point Pleasant

When you start having problems with roof leaks, we like to look at all of your options. Sometimes your roof is in bad enough condition that we’ll recommend a replacement instead of a roofing repair. But during our roof leak detection services, we often find that the problem is localized. We are available for 24/7 emergency services for the times when a storm has caused roof damage or your roof starts leaking.

Roof Maintenance in Point Pleasant

Not knowing the condition of your roof can make weathering storms more stressful. With our roofing maintenance in Point Pleasant, you’ll always know that your roof is in good condition. We offer roofing cleaning services, detailed inspections, debris removal, gutter cleaning, and much more. Many of our services are available through our Overhead Care Club for an affordable monthly fee. You’ll also get discounts for roof damage repairs and diagnostics.

Roof Coating in Point Pleasant

When you have an older roof, some repairs can be more like temporary fixes. But roof coating services are different. They can add years of life to a roof that may otherwise need to be replaced. Not only can this give you more time to prepare for a replacement, but it can also help reduce waste from materials that, despite a few cracks, are otherwise in good condition.

Exterior Home Services in Point Pleasant

Everything from your siding to your gutters is meant to serve as a first defense against the weather. That’s why keeping every part of your home exterior in good shape is important. As a roofing contractor, we can take care of more than just your roof. Here are some of our other services.

Garage Door Installation in Point Pleasant

Garage doors don’t just keep your prize vehicles safe. They also provide security for your home and possessions. With our garage door installation services, you can choose a new garage door that not only looks better but also provides superior protection for your home.

Window and Door Installation in Point Pleasant

It’s hard to feel secure in your home when your door is falling off the hinges or your windows are starting to deteriorate. Each residential window installation that we do helps homes to become more energy efficient and to look more attractive from the outside.

Siding Installation in Point Pleasant

Replacing your siding can give your home an instant boost. It can also help with any problems that you may be having with your energy bills. If you’re ready to boost your property value and have a beautiful home again, you can get in touch with our roofers!

Skylight Installation in Point Pleasant

Do you have old skylights that are starting to leak? We replace and install skylights as part of our residential roofing services. Skylights can be installed to let in both light and air, and they can help you save on electric and heating bills.

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