Residential Siding Services

Residential Siding Services

Does Your Home Need a Facelift?

Living in areas like Bucks County, Mercer County, Burlington County (or anywhere in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, really) can prove exhausting for your home’s siding with the change of seasons. All of the seasons come with each of their own unique damaging properties that take a toll on your residential siding. During the spring rains, your siding can absorb water. Summer heat then dries out your siding, and the direct sunlight can fade its color. Autumn cools your home, and as the foundation shifts (from shrinking and expanding), your siding is at risk. Then, winter sets in and it’s freezing grip only further causes erosion.

With all of this yearly damage–not to mention constant daily fluctuations in weather–it can be difficult to keep up with maintaining the integrity of your house, garage, barn, or shed siding and roofing. At Kanga Roof, we provide an array of siding services to help Bucks County locals keep their pets, property, and family safe from the beautiful but relentless nature surrounding Pennsylvania.

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