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Living in areas like Bucks County, Mercer County, Burlington County (or anywhere in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, really) can prove exhausting for your home’s siding with the change of seasons. All of the seasons come with each of their own unique damaging properties that take a toll on your residential siding. During the spring rains, your siding can absorb water. Summer heat then dries out your siding, and the direct sunlight can fade its color. Autumn cools your home, and as the foundation shifts (from shrinking and expanding), your siding is at risk. Then, winter sets in and it’s freezing grip only further causes erosion.

With all of this yearly damage–not to mention constant daily fluctuations in weather–it can be difficult to keep up with maintaining the integrity of your house, garage, barn, or shed siding and roofing. At Kanga Roof, we provide an array of siding services to help Bucks County locals keep their pets, property, and family safe from the beautiful but relentless nature surrounding Pennsylvania.

Our residential siding services can restore your siding and prevent it from wearing further from the weather. Loose siding or siding with holes in it can allow insects, rodents, and other vermin into your home; don’t wait because the problem doesn’t seem that bad right now, because delaying residential siding service can lead to a much bigger issue down the road. We won’t allow broken, damaged, or even missing siding to endanger your household; call Kanga Roof today to have one of our technicians inspect your siding and service it today!

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Overhead Care Club & Introducing the NEW Heroes Program

When you enroll in our Overhead Care Club, you’ll receive Kanga Roof’s most reliable roofing services, including:

The Roof Care Advantage

A 21-Point Roof Check-up and Attic Analysis ($379 Value)

Garage Door Inspections

($179 value)

Skylight Cleaning

($99 value)

Large Debris Removal

($79 value)

Our Overhead Care Club also comes with an exclusive members-only 10% repair discount. You’ll also receive an exclusive $19.95 reduced service fee, and 60% savings on diagnostics. That’s a $89.99 value for only $19.95!

With your exclusive club membership you’ll hop to the front of the line. Priority guaranteed appointments within 24 hours

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Residential Siding Replacement

Is your siding chipped, cracked, worn around the edges, or falling off? If your siding has seen better days, replacing it is the best way to give your home a refreshing makeover. Kanga Roof and our expert technicians know the tricks and techniques for installing the perfect siding to suit your preferences and your home’s needs. Nothing increases the value of your home faster and cheaper than residential siding replacement.

If you are interested in residential siding replacement, be sure to call us straight away for a free quote!

We don’t just do roofing; we do siding and residential window replacement, too! While we are most known for our roofing replacement and installation, Kanga Roof has been doing house maintenance for local residents for years. We specialize in vinyl siding installations and replacement, but we know how to repair other kinds of siding as well. Our window replacement and repair services work alongside our other home services to keep the outdoors from creeping into your home.

Kanga Roof has been providing our services to the Bucks County, Mercer County and Burlington County areas for over 30 years; Not only are we certified, but we are also bonded and insured! All of our employees are drug tested, background checked and professionally trained. Our siding services are designed to give your home that new and finished look you’ve always wanted.

If you are looking for a roofing contractor in Bucks County, Mercer County or Burlington County, please call 215-752-6145 or complete our online request form.

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