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Top Quality Residential Skylight Installation Services in PA

Are you looking to brighten up your space? A skylight is a truly unique feature that invites natural light into your home while opening up the space and making it look stunning. Skylights are an impressive asset to any property and are perfect for areas with minimal natural light – offering better ventilation, sunlight, and circulation. At A. Brooks Construction Kanga Roof, we provide the best quality residential skylight installation services for your home or office, and work with the Velux trusted brand.

When you are a member of our OVERHEAD CARE CLUB, we come out and clean your skylights twice a year. See our Overhead Care Club tab for more information.

Residential Skylight Replacement

If your old skylight is looking old and worn out and simply not doing its job well enough anymore, you may need to replace it. In other instances, a part or component may have broken or been damaged by a weather element, which means you may need to replace the entire skylight to maximize functionality once again.

A. Brooks Construction Kanga Roof is a leading roof replacement specialist with the skill, practical experience, and knowledge to provide high-quality residential skylight replacement that will last you for years to come.

Residential Skylight Repair

While replacement may be necessary for skylights that are damaged beyond repair, residential skylight repair may be the ideal solution for the less severe damage situations. We provide all kinds of skylight repair services – from fixing small cracks to major leaks and everything in between. Quality repair requires a qualified expert who knows exactly what to do in each situation and can provide you with professional advice to help you make the most informed decision for your needs. Besides skylight repair, we also provide residential roof repair and residential roof maintenance services for your home

Commercial Skylight Installation

From fitting new skylights to your roof space to sealing them with proper waterproofing, commercial skylight installation is a skilled job that should only be done by an experienced professional who will get it right the first time. With commercial skylights, you may want to consider electric openings, solar-powered panels, and so much more, which is why it pays to work with a team that knows exactly what they are doing from start to finish. At A. Brooks Construction Kanga Roof, we will inspect your roof in great detail and discuss the best type of skylight that needs to be installed for the situation, before taking the next steps.

Commercial Skylight Replacement

Just like residential skylights, commercial skylights are also subject to general wear and tear and damage from weather elements. We can replace your existing skylight and accommodate any design or innovation customized to your commercial property’s specific needs. The replacement process takes a couple of hours. We can work around your desired hours depending on your business operations and will ensure everything is returned in the same condition. In addition to replacement, we also provide commercial skylight repair services.

Our Commercial Skylight Repair Services

When your existing skylight suffers from minor damage like leaks and cracks, our professionals will arrive quickly to fix the problem before it gets out of hand. Quick and timely repair can go a long way in preventing more expensive tasks like replacements. We can also provide commercial roof repair and commercial roof maintenance services.

The team at A. Brooks Construction Kanga Roof takes great pride in making sure our customers are happy and satisfied at the end of every job, whether it’s residential roof installation & replacement, commercial roof installation & replacement, or a skylight installation, replacement, or repair.

Our team specializes in Velux Skylights and are certified skylight specialists. When you are a member of our Overhead Care Club, we can also come out and clean your skylights twice a year. In all, if you’re looking for a Bucks County roofing contractor that specializes in skylights, please call or complete our online request form.


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