Let the Sun Pour Into Your Home With a Skylight!

A substantial amount of a home’s energy can escape through inefficient windows. Therefore, replacing the skylights in your home can have a great impact on your home heating and cooling costs. We offer a wide variety of skylight systems, and will assist you in selecting the best type to suit your style and needs. Skylights provide a better quality of light, the light can be localized to highlight an area and provide better light to work in the daylight.

When you are a member of our OVERHEAD CARE CLUB we come out and clean your skylights twice a year. See our Overhead Care Club tab for more information.

Our Skylight Services

  • Skylight Replacement
  • Skylight Installation

If you are looking for a Bucks County roofing contractor please call 215-710-1633 or complete our online request form.

Skylight September offer

High cost of skylights holding you back from replacing your roof?

Thanks to our distributors, transforming your home has never been more affordable.  Kanga Roof PA is excited to pass the savings on to you by offering 25% off sky light installation in the month of September.  Give us a call and talk to one of our roofing specialists today about how we can make you smile.