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Summer is officially here, and it’s a perfect time for home and business owners to schedule essential roofing upkeep and maintenance inspections. As the leading provider of commercial roof replacements in Bristol and the surrounding areas, we offer roof repairs 24/7 all year round.

We recommend scheduling your roofing repairs for the summer months, since weather conditions are ideal for outdoor maintenance and it allows bonding and construction materials to dry more easily and effectively.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common hidden problems that are best resolved during the summer months.

UV Radiation/Sun Damage

If your roof looks chipped, warped, or faded, these are indications that it has sun damaged your roof’s materials. Just as humans need sunscreen to protect from harmful UV rays, rooftops also need a layer of protection. During the summer, roofs can take a severe beating due to the constant absorption of UV radiation. This can lead to the development of holes, which can end up taking in water as soon as the summer showers begin. We recommend having your roof regularly inspected, especially if it’s over ten years old.


Ventilation is an essential factor when it comes to a healthy roof. Without it, moisture can build up in your attic; this can eventually cause your rafters to rot. During summer, with hot days followed by cool nights, your roof is likely to build up moisture. Therefore, it’s essential to have good airflow that will transport moisture away from your roof area.

To find out how well your roof is ventilated, check your attic area for damp spots, patches of mold, or a musty smell. If you identify any of these problems, call one of our roofing experts immediately. 

Leaks or Water Damage

The number one cause of roof damage is water. Don’t worry, if you catch a water-related problem early enough, you can save yourself a fortune. Small leaks can quickly advance into problems that require full roof replacements, if they are not identified and fixed soon enough. To check for water damage, look around for missing, or broken shingles, or signs of water leaking into your home or office.

Wind and Rain

Although summer offers plenty of sunshine, weather conditions often take a turn for the worse. These changes are usually short-lived, but they can cause significant damage to your roof. When the wind changes suddenly, it can lift loose tiles from rooftops, leaving holes behind. These holes can let summer showers pour straight into your attic. After any summer storm, we advise that you check the integrity of your roof. This is to help ensure that it continues to protect you, your family, and your home.

For roofing services, or garage door repairs in Montgomery County, contact A. Brooks Construction Kanga Roof today. 

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