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Storms typically come with strong winds, heavy rains, and lightning, which can cause trees to fall. According to a study done by Houzz, if your home is sitting under a tree, there is a 12 percent chance of a branch falling on it in the year.

Generally, although most houses are much stronger than we ever imagine, a falling tree would probably ruin your roof and possibly the walls directly below the tree strike area. So what should you do if a tree falls on your house?

Evacuate Everyone from the House

During stormy periods, share the evacuation plan with everyone to know how to exit quickly and safely in case of an emergency. If possible, practice the plan with your family days before the stormy weather. You should also put together an emergency bag with crucial supplies such as essential documents, cash, extra car keys, and medical supplies.

Call Emergency Services

Even when a minor tree or branch falls, you should not attempt to deal with the issue on your own. Call 911 and your home repair service as soon as you are safely out of your home. Working on roofs is quite dangerous, especially during bad weather. A falling tree could compromise the house’s structural integrity, and climbing on roofs can result in falls and exposure to lightning strikes.

Contact the Insurance Company

Most home insurance plans cover damages caused by storm debris. If a healthy tree falls on your house, the insurance company may cover part or all of the repair cost. Notably, the insurance company can send a roofer to quickly fix and cover exposed areas to prevent further water damage. Remember to document the extent of damage using photos and videos to help speed up evaluation and compensation.

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