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With so many families spending more time at home this past year, it’s easy to think about what aspects of your home you might like to remodel. Some think about bathroom renovations, countertop upgrades, and installing a deck, but if you’ve started to look into residential skylight installation in Bucks County, you’re setting yourself up for an excellent investment in your home’s value that adds a ton of aesthetic beauty to your home in the process.

Skylights have changed a lot since they were first introduced in Ancient Rome. Here’s what you should know:

A Brief History of Skylights

The earliest skylights were incorporated into Ancient Roman architecture in what was known as an “oculus.” Such skylights were used to bring natural light into buildings like the Pantheon, but they weren’t covered with glass, so they didn’t protect against the weather. 

Skylights that incorporated glass only came to be due to the Industrial Revolution, with the first one being found in the Palace of Versailles. After this innovative period, skylights were manufactured using different kinds of mounting, different glazings, and they even changed the very structure used to bring daylight inside.

Types of Skylights

There are three main kinds of skylights:

These three main options for skylight design are available with different variations, depending on your needs. 

Why Mounting Matters

If you’re going to install a fixed or vented skylight, then you should think carefully about what kind of mount you’re looking to incorporate. 

Traditionally, a skylight is either installed into the roof itself or is “deck-mounted.” This option can work well from an aesthetic standpoint, but you want to hire an experienced technician since it’s very easy to make a mistake that can lead to leaks down the line.

By contrast, using a curb-mount for your skylight (or installing it on a curb built to raise the skylight from the roof deck) is easier to install in a way that would minimize the risk of leaks.

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