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Trying to find a residential roof repair service for your Bucks County home is rarely a fun time for homeowners. You’d probably prefer never to have to find a roof repair company, but it’s rare that a person doesn’t need to undertake the task of repairing or replacing the roof on the home they’ve bought if they spend any significant amount of time in it — because all roofs come with a functional lifespan of a few decades.

However, there are some things to look out for while inspecting your roof. Some damage might be apparent, but others don’t come with clear “warning” signs of the damage they can wreak on your home.

It’s time to think about calling a roofing professional if you notice these signs while inspecting your roof.

Cracked or Curling Shingles

Shingles protect your home from the wind, sun, and water. They can last quite a long time, but sometimes a windstorm can sweep a few off your roof, or debris can create cracks in your shingles. Your shingles can also begin to curl as they age, which is another sign that your roof needs attention.

The reason why shingle damage should always be taken seriously is that water can seep into the openings provided by the shingles, causing even more damage to your roof. If a shingle can’t perform its duty, then your entire roof can be at risk because water can rot the foundation of the roof and cause severe problems as a result.

Staining or Discoloration on the Ceiling

If you begin to notice stains on your ceiling or discolored insulation in your attic, then it’s time to think about getting your roof inspected for damage. These stains and discoloration often signal that there’s water getting under your roof somewhere, which can be a serious problem if left unattended. The reason discoloration inside your home presents such a danger is that you aren’t sure where the water has reached: you could be fortunate, but you might be catching the early signs of your roof rotting away.

A professional inspection can determine whether a repair is possible or if you need to replace the whole roof.


An obvious sign that your roof needs professional attention is sagging in the structure. Whether it’s a roof deck that’s sagging, a ceiling that’s bending towards the floor, or other structures that are warped because of the pressure, sagging in your roof usually means you need to replace the roof before it has an opportunity to collapse on you.

For more signs your roof needs immediate attention, or to get a quote for residential roofing services in Bucks County, call the A. Brooks Construction Kanga Roof team today!

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