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You already know that A. Brooks Construction Kanga Roof does great home roof repair services, but did you know we also do commercial roof repairs?  That’s right! Not only can we make your home look great– but your business is in safe hands with A. Brooks Construction Kanga Roof as well! We’ve got what you need to keep your business’ roof safe and secure. Our Commercial Roofing services are certified and we’ve been trained to tackle any job.

You never know when a leaky roof will strike your growing business. Save your business’ roof and energy bills by calling us to do the job. A. Brooks Construction Kanga Roof has the team you need to make your commercial roof as good as new. We also know the productive setbacks roofing repairs may cause your business. That’s why A. Brooks Construction Kanga Roof approaches each commercial roof repair job a little differently compared to our competitors in the tri-state area. We understand that during a re-roofing job there can be countess disruptions to your business’s workflow.

We don’t want your roof repairs to cause your business any more headaches than the damage already has. At A. Brooks Construction Kanga Roof, we’ve mastered the art of commercial roofing. We believe in being fast and efficient so you can get back to work. When we work closely with building owners and managers we’re able to complete our work smoothly and efficiently. Leaving our customers satisfied while maintaining business productivity throughout the process.


We understand what it takes to make each job as seamless as possible. That’s why we offer a free 17 Point Inspection. We’ve worked very hard to specialize in everything needed to repair your business’s commercial roof.  We can repair, replace, and maintain your commercial roof successfully.

Does your commercial roof need some repairs? Are you unsure as to the state of your business’ roof? Don’t worry! Give us a call at 215-710-1633 or contact us to request your very own 17 Point Inspection.

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