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Summer is over and it’s time for your kids to hit the books! They’ve spent their first few days in class, and you’re starting to get those dreadful “supplies list” memos from their teachers. Don’t worry! The start of a new school year means new ways to help your kids get through their school week. Here are a few tips that will help make this back to school season a breeze!



Making lunches for your kids everyday can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! Mix it up this year by making your kids some “sandwichless lunches.” If your kids love pizza they’re going to love these cupcake pizzas. All you need is:

Preheat your oven to 425 degrees and grease the cupcake pan. Separate the pizza dough into 4 equal parts and push the dough into the molds.  Cover your dough with sauce, cheese and any toppings you’d like. Bake for 10 minutes—and you’re done!


Remember when your mom used to leave you little notes inside your lunchbox? Now, there’s an easier way that doesn’t waste paper! Simply grab some chalkboard spray paint and spray two layers of paint onto the lid of an old metal lunchbox. Once the paint dries get some chalk and leave your kids a lunchtime message every day!


Homework can be a pain—but it doesn’t need to be! Create a Homework Box for your home. You can fill this box with any supplies your child might need to complete their homework. Remember: Designate a specific space in your home for homework! You don’t want your kids distracted by television while they’re trying to finish their math homework!

Send the kids back to school knowing you have everything under control. Is everything in your home under control? How about your roof? We’ll stop by and give your home a 17 Point Inspection. We’ll make sure your home is ready for the coming winter! Call us today at 215.752.6145.

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