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Asphalt roof shingles are arguably one of the most popular roofing options in the United States and across the globe. The manufacturing process of asphalt shingles involves using a continuous sheet that creates a foundation where asphalt and other materials are applied.

Raw Materials Used to Make Asphalt Roof Shingles

A typical asphalt roof shingle manufacturing process consists of the following raw materials:


Shingles are first reinforced using a thin fiberglass mat created from glass fibers. The mat is bound together firmly using binders and stable resins at the fiberglass mill. During the start of the roofing shingle manufacturing process, the fiberglass is unwound.


Asphalt is an essential ingredient in the manufacturing of shingles. It is a water-resistant ingredient that is critical for good shingle performance. Roofing asphalt is oxidized to increase its viscosity and durability. Afterward, a fine mineral powder is blended with asphalt to enhance its resistance to harsh weather elements and fire hazards.


Granules are sourced from hard rocks that meet specific physical properties. The rocks are crushed and screened to granular size specifications. These granules can be processed into a variety of colors, and some are treated to become resistant to algae and discoloration.

The Manufacturing Process

Step 1: Coating Creation

The first step involves the creation of the innermost layer of shingles. This layer consists of a mixture of crushed limestone and asphalt, which is superheated to make the mix viscous and easy to apply. A machine is used to coat both sides of the fiberglass mat.

Step 2: Granulation

The next step involves applying an outermost coating that gives the shingles their color in a process referred to as granulation. The outermost layer is made from mineral rocks mixed with asphalt and fiberglass glazed with a ceramic coating of different colors. The shingles are then cooled for faster curing.

What Goes Into the Manufacture of Wooden Roof Shingles?

Wooden roof shingles of different shapes, colors, and styles are made using the same technique. The manufacturing process involves the sawing of wood shingles from red cedar or pine. They are then treated with chemical preservatives that make them more durable, less susceptible to weather elements, and fire-resistant.

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