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The front door of your home is like the smile on your face. It’s always unique—and it’s the first thing people see!  You already know we will install new windows and doors onto your home, but only you can make it your own. We love scrolling through Pinterest and getting new ideas on how to make our home special. We found some great tips for your front door that we know you’re going to love. After all, who doesn’t want their home to look amazing?

Cleaning up that front door is a great way to add something new and fresh to the front of your home. It’ll give your entrance a makeover, and you’ll be the envy of the entire block! Plus, it doesn’t take a lot of time to give your front door a new look. You could complete this project on a nice Saturday afternoon, and your home will look great.

The first and easiest thing to do is wash all of that grub off! Your front door has battled the dirty autumn, the snows of winter and all those newspapers flung by the delivery boy.  Grab some sponges, a bucket, and some warm soapy water and wipe down that front door!


After you’ve cleaned your door off…why not throw a new slab of paint on it?  It’s an easy way to make your front door completely new. Different colors make various statements when you paint your front door. A red door is a bold statement, while a nice yellow gives off a welcoming glow. What do you want your door to say to the people walking by? Say it with a bright new coat of paint!

Is there a welcoming message on your front doorstep?  Pick up a novelty doormat that says something fun and inviting.  That’s an easy way to create a welcoming environment for all of your guests.  You can even grab some outdoor planters and place them by your front door.  It’ll add some life to the entrance of your home. Everyone will want to visit!

The key to a really great front door depends on one important item– your door knocker!  You can easily find something vintage and interesting online.  A really great knocker can really make your front door something special. Not many houses have them anymore, so make your home unique! Pick up a door knocker that really stands out, and I’m sure your neighbors will be jealous!

There are so many ways to makeover your home.  This includes taking a look at your roof.  How is it doing?  Call us today at (215) 752-6145  for a 17 Point Inspection and find out!

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