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Flat roofs aren’t flat. Many people express surprise when they learn this, as they have always assumed this type of roof is straight. In actuality, these roofs have a slight pitch to allow water to roll off of the surface. This pitch isn’t enough to prevent problems, however, if a roofing contractor doesn’t install the roof properly.

To prevent issues, contact A. Brooks Construction when you want flat roofing for your home or business. Calling us ensures you never have to worry about your roofing installation.

We work on residential roofing projects and also serve as commercial roofers, so you have only one number to call when your roof needs work. How can we help you?

Roof Inspections

You need to inspect your roof regularly to detect problems at an early stage. Doing so helps to keep roof repair costs to a minimum.

Many people choose to have a roofing company complete this inspection because they don’t feel comfortable climbing on their roof. We happily take on this task for our customers.

During this inspection, look for any cracks in the roofing material. Leaks are another concern, as is any physical roof damage. Make certain the drainage system remains clear and check for signs of aging.

If you see any problems, contact us. We’ll come out and determine what the problem is and provide potential solutions.

Roof Maintenance

Many roofers recommend carrying out routine roof maintenance while you complete this inspection. Remove any debris from the roof and clear clogs from the vents, drains, and scuppers.

Trim any tree branches that hang over the roof, as they could scratch or puncture the roof membrane. This leads to damage and the need for a repair. If the damage is severe, you might need roof replacement services.

The roof has open-bottom, flanged containers known as pitch pans. You will find these containers around roof penetrations. They contain a thicker sealer designed to protect the seams and connections from weather damage. This makes them vital to the roof’s health.

Ensure these pans remain full and clean. Doing so maintains the integrity of the roof and its underlying structure.

Roof Repair

Fluctuations in temperature and harsh weather can damage a roof. Prompt repairs prevent further damage to the roof and reduce the risk of needing to replace the roof. Our team will assess the damage and determine how best to repair the roof to prevent future problems.

For residential customers, we offer the Overhead Care Club. This club provides you with front of the line service.

We come out to examine your roof and remove any debris. In addition, we clean your skylight if you have one. Contact us today to learn more about this club and its benefits.

Roof Replacement

Roof replacements probably aren’t something you think about very often. When the time comes to replace your roof, you need a reputable contractor to walk you through the process. We help customers through every step.

Our company only uses top quality materials from leading manufacturers. This includes CertainTeed, TAMKO, GAF, Owens Corning, and more.

Why Choose Us?

You may question why you should choose us rather than a competitor. Our team undergoes training to ensure they know how to do any roofing job, whether you have a reroofing project to complete or just want regular maintenance.

Our company remains certified in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In addition, our bonding and insurance ensure you are protected when you choose us for your project.

We require our employees to undergo a drug test and background check before working with us. This allows us to provide safe and affordable roofing services.

Commercial customers appreciate our speed and commitment to quality. We understand how important it is to finish the job quickly, as this reduces the number of disruptions to your company’s daily operations. However, while we do the job in the shortest time possible, we never cut corners or sacrifice quality when doing so.

Roof Coating

A roof coating is one way to prevent your flat roof from leaking while sealing it against the elements. We spray or paint this solution onto the roof to keep it in good condition. In addition, this process may allow you to put off investing in a new roof for a few years.

Our team specializes in all types of roofing. In addition, we continuously research new materials, technologies, and methods to ensure we can offer you the latest for your roof.

Our team takes on all jobs, big and small. We even do oddly shaped roofs. Call us and you will have a streamlined, durable and safe roof for your building. 

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