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While you may not be able to name all of the different parts of your roof, you may be able to tell when something needs to be replaced. You may start to notice leaks in your home or there may be visible damage on your roof. Flashing is one component of your roof that can sometimes get damaged or rusted even before the rest of the roof wears out. At A. Brooks Construction, Inc. Kanga Roof, we can repair and replace individual components of your roof to help it last longer.

Who Are We?

Whether you live in Bucks County, PA full time or you have a summer home in the Poconos, we are your local company for quality roofing repairs, replacements, and other services. We offer residential services to help families, couples, and individuals stay warm and dry throughout the year, and we also offer commercial roofing services. Whether you need us for small roof repair projects or a roof replacement for your commercial property, we are always committed to the highest standards.

What Is Flashing?

When your roof is constructed, there will be sections of roofing that meet vertical areas such as a wall or a chimney. There will also be places where one section of your roof meets another, creating valleys in your roof. These areas, as well as the edges of your roof, are more susceptible to leaks because they have seams where water can creep in. Flashing is typically installed in these areas to protect them from water leaks.

Flashing can be made from many different materials, but generally, it’s made from aluminum or other types of metal. This means that, while flashing can provide very good protection for your roof, it can also become bent or rusted over time and start to leak. Our metal flashing repair and replacement can ensure that these areas of your roof remain protected. 

Our Roof Flashing Services

We have services that focus on your flashing because we know how important quality flashing is for the overall health of your roof. When you notice flashing that is starting to show signs of wear and tear or damage, call us for our repair and replacement services.

Flashing Repair Services

Sometimes when flashing becomes corroded, rusted, or damaged you can invest in a flashing repair for the damaged sections rather than replacing all of the flashing on your roof. Here are some of the most common locations for a flashing repair:

Chimney Flashing Repair

Chimneys are common areas to find leaks in your home. This is often due to damaged flashing in these areas. Chimney flashing repair from a reputable flashing repair company can stop any active leaks and keep the area from developing problems in the future.

Roof Edge Flashing Repair

When the flashing on the edge of your roof isn’t doing its job, you may find rotted wood that isn’t properly protected from rain and snow. We can replace rotted roof decking and rusted flashing with our roof edge flashing repair.

Flashing Replacement Services

Sometimes the flashing on your roof has either been improperly installed by another roofing contractor, or it has all become bent, rusted, or damaged. A flashing replacement can restore your roof without having to replace your whole roof. During our roof inspections, we look for any details that were missed during the installation or subsequent repairs and we make sure your roof gets the services that it needs. 

Roofing Services at A. Brooks Construction, Inc. Kanga Roof

Any time you have a problem such as a leak or visible damage, we will send one of our roofers to come and look at your roof. We will do a complete diagnostic and give you a quote for the needed repairs or replacements. At A. Brooks Construction, Inc. Kanga Roof, we want you to be able to depend on the price that we quote you. That’s why you pay what we quote to you, guaranteed.

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Reliable Flashing Repair and Replacement

When you need metal flashing repair and replacement services to extend the life of your roof, call A. Brooks Construction, Inc. Kanga Roof. We serve Bucks County, PA, and the Poconos and we are always eager to bring our expertise and dedication to any roofing job.

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