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At A. Brooks Construction Kanga Roof, we want all home and business owners to understand the importance of high-quality and properly-installed roofing during the winter time. From soaring heating bills to structural damage from leaky or damaged roofing, the consequences of ignoring your home or business’s roof are real and expensive. Luckily, it only takes one call to your local roofing professionals to prevent these issues.

In this post, we’ll share with you five reasons why fall is the best time of the year to have your roof inspected and repaired, so you can prevent costly damages and save money on heating costs this winter.


     1. Summer Storms Are Over

This makes fall the perfect time to inspect and repair any damages from summer storms before the winter. The lapse in severe weather will also allow the roofers to finish the job without having to stop due to an incoming storm.    

     2. The Temperature Is Ideal for Roofing

Roofing is best installed when the outside temperature is around 45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This is especially crucial for residential asphalt shingles, because the temperatures better facilitate thermal sealing of the shingles, so they firmly adhere to the roof. 

     3. Winter Repairs Are More Difficult and Time-Consuming

When the cold winter weather arrives, roofing becomes more difficult and therefore, more time-consuming. For faster repairs, it is best to schedule service before the temperatures drop.

     4. Your Roof Will Be Fortified for Winter

Fall is often a calm season between thundering summer storms and frigid winter weather. If your roof is damaged from the summer, a winter storm can exacerbate the problem and require a more costly repair in the spring. 

     5. You’ll Save on Heating Costs During Winter

A properly sealed roof can yield drastic energy savings versus a damaged or poorly-sealed roof. If you suspect your roof is a source of energy loss, having it inspected and repaired during the fall can bring noticeable energy savings.

Whether you need expert roofing repair or professional residential window replacement in Newtown, A. Brooks Construction Kanga Roof has you covered. Call us today to discuss your home or business’ roofing needs, or for more information on our residential window replacement services in Bristol and across Bucks County.

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