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Pull back the curtains and open up the windows! The weather is getting more comfortable, and Mr. Sun is staying out late. Springtime is finally here! That means you need to grab your feather duster, and start some serious spring-cleaning. You don’t want to spend all of your free time indoors, though! That’s why we at A. Brooks Construction Kanga Roof found some great 30-minute cleaning tips to help you get through your cleaning fast.

The burners on your stove look nasty, and it’s time to clean them right away. has a great non-scrub tip to help you get them sparking in no time. Get some gallon zipper bags (or larger if your burners are exceptionally big) and a little bit of ammonia. Don’t soak the burner in ammonia—you just want to seal the burner in the bag with the ammonia fumes. Place the bags on a cookie sheet, and set outside overnight. The next day you should be able to wipe away the grease with a sponge!

Don’t you just hate having to clean your blinds? They’re such a pain! Well, not with this great tip from! All you need is a bucket, vinegar, some old socks, and water. Fill ¼ of your bucket with warm water and mix in ½ cup of vinegar. Take one of your old socks, and put it on your hand like a puppet! Dip your old sock puppet into the warm water/vinegar mixture. Starting at the top of your blinds, pull your sock along the top and bottom of each section of blinds. Each set of blinds should take about 10 minutes! You can even use a q-tip to clean the cracks and crevasses of your windows using the vinegar mixture for that extra touch of cleanliness.

How do your gutters look? It’s important to clean out your gutters before April showers take over the neighborhood. A clogged gutter could lead to water damage in your home! If you think your gutters need some spring-cleaning give us a call today at 215.752.6145, and we’ll be right over to take a look.

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