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As you pull in the driveway after a long day at work, having a garage door that won’t open is the last problem you want to deal with. That kind of experience will probably lead you to consider a garage door replacement, but there are far more benefits of installing a new garage door than just improved functionality. If you’re considering remodeling your garage, learn the three significant advantages of a new garage door installation.

New Garage Doors Are Safer Than Older Ones

One of the major benefits of installing a new garage door is the enhanced safety it provides. Older garage doors are not only noisier and more irritating, but their age can contribute to functionality issues that can make them dangerous to homeowners. For example, the garage door sensors that prevent closing when an object is in the way are a relatively new feature not found on older units. Installing a new door will ensure that the occupants of your home will be safer when they enter and exit the garage.

Another reason why newer garage doors are safer is that they can help deter thieves. Older garage doors are easier for thieves to drill into and lack the extra layer of protection and safety features, such as revolving codes, that contemporary models have. Additionally, garage doors are a gateway to the rest of your home, so thieves that break-in won’t just have access to your garage but your entire residence.

Installing a New Garage Door Saves Money

Old and rusty components aren’t just a safety hazard but make your garage door less functional. A poorly operating garage door can be a nuisance that will force you to pay for upkeep more frequently. A new garage door won’t have these performance issues, meaning you won’t have to pay for repairs. Additionally, little maintenance is needed for garage doors, as you won’t need to deal with flaking and faded paint.

New garage doors can also save money by reducing your heating and cooling costs. Some contemporary garage doors come with improved insulation, which prevents hot and cold air from leaking into your garage, meaning your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard to maintain your preferred temperature in the garage and adjacent rooms. Not only will this lower your energy bill, but it will make your garage more comfortable if you plan to use it as a workshop or storage space.

Increase Your Home’s Value Through an Enhanced Appearance

Numerous homeowners have reported that they remodeled their garage door for aesthetic reasons, and it is easy to see why. Replacing your old garage door with a new one lets you select a more inviting color and design that better complements the appearance of the home’s exterior.

Removing drab and dysfunctional garage doors with attractive new ones is beneficial for your home value and curb appeal. Many homebuyers will be attracted to newer garage doors for both their design and features. Whereas outdated and poorly functional doors detract from the curb appeal of your home. These factors mean that installing new garage doors has a high return on investment and easily impresses potential buyers.

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