7 Reasons Why You Want to Ensure You Have Properly Working Gutters

Good Gutters Protect Your Home from Water Damage & Landscape Erosion

You count on your roof to keep you warm and dry from the elements. And it does a good job. However, unless you have good gutters, your home can still fall victim to Mother Nature! Gutters are the unsung hero of your roofing system. They direct the gallons of rainwater and other precipitation that fall on your home every year away from your foundation.


Yes, you may have gutters on your home now… But are you certain they’re operating properly? Here are 7 critical reasons why you want to ensure you have good gutters protecting your roof and home. (If you don’t have any gutters—you definitely will want to give this list a read….)

1. Rain gutters can prevent interior flooding

Without properly working rain gutters, water won’t be diverted away from your home. This can cause basement flooding and lead to costly repairs.

2. Rain gutter maintenance prevents rotting fascia

Fascia provides the finished look to a home’s trim, and properly installed rain gutters are fascia’s best friend. The fascia covers rafter ends and creates a surface along the edge of the roof. It protects the house from severe weather by creating a barrier against precipitation. Fascia boards also prevent rodents from getting into your home’s walls, because they cover gaps between the wall and the roof.

If clogged gutters overfill, they can cause excess water to hit wooden fascia. This can cause it to start breaking down in a matter of hours. Replacing fascia on your entire home can be a costly and time-consuming process.

3. Avoid bowing driveways with proper gutter installation

Rain gutters that work improperly can cause large puddles of water to break down concrete from the surface. This can result in cracking and bowing in your driveway.

4. Gutter cleaning can prevent landscaping erosion

Whether you hire a professional or do it yourself, landscaping is an investment. Clogged rain gutters can send water rushing toward your landscaping, which can knock over plants and shrubs. This water also can cause soil erosion and dips in your yard.

5. Proper gutter installation provides pest control

Mosquitoes are plentiful in the summer months in most areas. Standing water in rain gutters creates the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and can make it difficult for you to enjoy the outdoors without pests.

6. Gutter replacement can help you stay dry

Properly functioning rain gutters keep water from rushing off the roof and over the entrances to your home and porch. This saves you from getting drenched if entering the house during a rainstorm.

7. Rain gutters provide a cleaner exterior

Water crashing off your roof with nothing to stop it will hit the ground, creating mud that can splash against your siding and create a messy look. Upgrading or repairing your gutters can help keep your home’s exterior looking clean and prevent a sloppy mess around the outside of your home.

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