I can’t thank Kanga Roof enough for replacing my roof this past Christmas. Even during all the snow and crazy weather, I felt peace because of my new roof.

Cathy Transue

Kanga Roof did a great job with the explanation of what needed to be done and what materials would be used. I had reservations about the job being completed in two days time, but they were right on the money. My wife and I are very satisfied in the way the entire job was handled. All of our neighbors have expressed their compliments on a job well done on our two roofs

Chuck Mitchell

Kanga Roof replaced our roof and siding at the end of May this year.  Everything went smoothly without any complications. This September, as I was cutting down a tree--when the tree came down so did the wire that was attached to my house. I called Ted C Vingless of  Kanga Roof and he sent out a crew the next day to repair my home. They even refused to charge me! All contractors should take a lesson from Kanga Roof. If someone asks who did my roof-- I would recommend Kanga Roof in a heartbeat.

Carl Simko

As usual, we are more than satisfied. It is so nice to be able to have confidence in a company.  We paid top price–but we got top work.

Bill & June Gill

I want to commend Ted of Kanga Roof for the work he did on the ramp for the doorsill of the front door. It’s so much easier for me to roll my walker up and over. It’s such a relief not to have to lift it over the old doorsill.  I also don’t have to worry about anyone tripping over it. Thank you for the good work!

Mary Griffith

Kanga Roof lived up to every aspect of what was told to us. We are very satisfied and very comfortable that we made the right decision to go with Kanga Roof. They are an absolute pleasure to do business with!

Denise & Bill Hacker

The Kanga Roof team was very professional, courteous, and business like. They all worked very well together, and were very focused on the job at hand. You are lucky to have a great team. Keep up the good work!

Larry Quinlan

Kanga Roof is the greatest company! I was having trouble with another contractor that kept caulking my roof because it was out of warranty, but Kanga Roof performed a hose test and properly diagnosed my roof’s problem. They repaired my leak quickly and perfectly. Thanks Kanga Roof!
Abe came to our home, and after seeing the damage he made a quick phone call. Before we knew it there was a crew at our house to help protect it from further damage. Abe impressed us with his quickness and professionalism. He explained the necessary steps we needed to take, and made what we thought was a bad situation into a bearable one. When he left we knew we were going to be okay.
My wife and I are very pleased with the craftsmanship of your job! We both agree that you want to make the customer 100% satisfied. I feel very comfortable knowing that if a problem comes up (not that we anticipate any!)–Kaga Roof will be here to assist.

Tom & Paula Kutz

Kanga Roofing did a great job! There was great communication, no surprises and amazing customer service. We will recommend them to all of our friends and neighbors.

The Murter Family

When Hurricane Sandy hit our home..it was pretty bad. The roof was damaged and the siding was ripped off of our house!  We were told to call Kanga Roof, and we are so happy we took that advice!
Kanga Roof’s staff was also with us when the insurance Agent came by. Having a member of Kanga Roof’s staff there made that difficult process easier. The staff also came by our home to discuss the color scheme of the project. He made sure we were happy, and even gave a few suggestions of his own.
Kanga Roof’s crew is on time, courteous and professional.  They even cover your windows to make sure nothing gets broken, and make sure everything in your yard is moved to safety. The roof was done in no time, and so was the siding and rain spouts! The clean up was immaculate and you wouldn’t even know that they were there! We are so happy with all of the staff and crew and we can’t thank you enough. Thank you, Kanga Roof, for making our house into a beautiful home!

Michelle Ryan